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Tired of pouring a tasty glass of homebrew, just to be startled by the dissappointing sight of foam spraying out of your tap?


Always know how much beer is left in your keg with Flite.




Flite is a sensor that installs in place of your current cornelius (corney) keg lid. The lid has an integrated distance sensor that calculates the volume of beer left in your keg based on the distance from the lid. 


Flite is the only keg monitoring system that measures level, temperature, and CO2 pressure inside your keg.




The Flite controller with display is the "controller" component. This has the responsibility of reading the sensor and displaying the data. The display is connected to the sensor with a female-to-female 4-pin GX16 aviation socket cable. The display is powered by a micro USB cable. The touch screen display also allows for calibration of the sensor. The controller also has the WiFi capabilities that enable other functionality such as:


  • Update Flite Cloud DB
  • Host web server for browser-based configuration
  • Serve REST API requests (
  • Update to API (




- Touch screen for display of current values and user calibration


- Easy to install display enclosure with mounting holes


- Local REST web server




- Flite display/controller

- USB power cord

Flite Display

SKU: FD010
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